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Geoffrey Farel Heffernan, Esq.

Jeff has produced legal work for more than a decade in the energy trading industry. He has spent most of his time at a desk just off the side of the trading floor of an energy trading company, but when necessary, and in a heartbeat, Jeff would travel to where he was needed--whether it be Beijing, London, Houston or (the Republic of) Georgia.

Jeff is active in industry organizations, including the ISDA, the IECA, among others, and participates at industry conferences (from both the podium and the audience) and participates on documentation committees. Jeff is admitted to the New York State Bar.

Jeff has had the opportunity to work on cutting edge matters--some of which were in the headlines, some of which were not. When not attacking such matters, Jeff has played excellent defense in responding to the daily barrage of questions (of the kind that any good energy trading lawyer must handle) from both internal commercial and risk clients, whether in person at desk-side, on the phone, or electronically.

Through O'HEFFERNAN LLC, Jeff makes his experience, knowledge, talent, creativity and energy work for you.

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